Nature And Health: Purposeful Health, Achieving Health, Health Techniques, Life Long Well Being and Health

Purposeful Health, Achieving Health, Health Techniques, Life Long Well Being and Health

Purposeful Health and Well-being has been created as a means
to further expand the awareness and share with all individuals
ideas and methods regarding our God-given right to health.
Within this purpose, it is my goal to share with the reader some
of the many possibilities that I have found which will assist them
in either getting healthy or staying healthy. I believe we can all
have health if we are willing to be responsible for having it.

The body is a perfect mechanism that was designed to operate
like a Swiss watch. It has the intelligence to support itself with
each and every cell holding the information that guides it in
supporting all the other cells. The body's system of operation is
coordinated through its computer, programmed to operate at
maximum efficiency. Looking at animal and plant life, all is very
natural and operates precisely. Humans operate with the same
system but in addition to having a nervous system, we have the
ability to think. This creates some variables that allow us to make
choices that will affect us. Lifestyle choices and ways of thinking
can either support or hinder the body's operation. Environmental
conditions also play a major role.

The Hippocratic Oath, taken by doctors, in part states that they
swear to utilize and be aware of the hard-won scientific gains of
those physicians in whose steps they walk while gladly sharing the
knowledge; plus they swear to prevent disease whenever they can,
for prevention is preferable to treatment. There is much more to
this oath regarding care for the patient, but suffice it to say that the
spirit of this oath has been somewhat lost along the way, as doctoring
has become more of a business. I am not saying that doctors are
intentionally profiteering from their profession or that doctors do not
care, but the options available for supporting health and well being are
often overlooked and keeping up with the times can be a full time job.
Both doctors and the drug companies are dependent on people being
sick, and the drug companies do support the medical community toward
their ends, which are really maximizing shareholders equity. How would
either survive if people were healthy? It is my sense that, initially, the
drug companies and doctors had the best of intentions but times have
changed and much more is known that supports changing the paradigm.

By treating the cause of problems rather than symptoms, the population
can shift toward health as a natural way of being. All of us can choose
to be healthy if we take responsibility. There are many venues from
which we can learn (in the process of life itself) if we so choose. I have
found that once I made a commitment to health, the support for being
healthy placed many things in my pathway that were beneficial to
having that health. My intention is to share knowledge from my
experience that will hopefully assist and open up some new possibilities
in having health be the new, prevalent paradigm rather than sickness.

Dick Leary operates the blog [http://www.purposefulhealth-wellbeing.com] Being a believer in life-long health, he is operating this blog to share information, ideas, and techniques that he has found contribute to health and achieving a life-long quality of life. Membership is free and will provide real food for thought.