Nature And Health: Sixth House: Correlation Between Career and Health

Sixth House: Correlation Between Career and Health

The sixth house in the chart rules your health and governs your employment. The 10th house represents the profession of a person, but 6th house governs the actual condition, responsibility and development in the career path.

6th house establishes a correlation between the health and career. The planets in the 6th have a direct bearing on the state of your physical-mental health and yours career path. Sometime the native kept getting sick when he had to work through difficult areas of the life.

Whenever there is more than one planet in the 6th house of your chart, it is advisable to keep you busy at some line of work, or else you will be susceptible to illness.

Placement of different planets in 6th house:

Sun: you may have career in medical profession. Your job has a direct effects on your well being.Sun in this position lowers the vitality. If you are unhappy with your career you will prone to frequent illness more than other persons.

Moon: represents emotions, fluids, fickleness of mind and the public. Moon in this house indicates super sensitivity towards working environment.Emotional upsets often manifests in upset stomach or glands formation in the body. There may be fluid retention in the system. Tendency of frequent job changing is evident. The native will relish working with the public.

Mercury: indicates nervousness which often causes worry to the native, at his work place. Mercury in this house induces a state of anxiety and compulsive disorder in the native.The native frequently and secretly worried about his health or becomes hypochondriac in the nature.

Venus: represents over indulgence in food and drink. This indulgence has a prominent effect on physical body as well as on career path. Otherwise this placement of Venus is auspicious for good health. This indicates ease in obtaining good jobs and peaceful harmonious working conditions.

Mars: signifies sudden injuries and illness. Indicates hot temperament of the native, which brings friction at workplace and make him non popular with colleagues. The native is prone to frequent accidents and high fevers, which severely affects his working conditions.

Jupiter: gives good health and good job satisfaction. Overindulgence in work may cause blood impurity and sluggish liver, resulting in weak circulatory system.The native is qualified for managerial and administrative jobs. This placement makes a person very adorable by colleagues.

Saturn: tendencies of morbidness and depression are found in the native. The native with this placement is more prone to colds and chills besides chronicle diseases. The native's expectations from the colleagues are too high creating differences among them.