Nature And Health: Beware of Electromagnetic Fields and Health

Beware of Electromagnetic Fields and Health

Electromagnetic pollution is all around us. The subject of electromagnetic fields and health has reached a critical level where serious damage is occurring.

To begin generally, the earth's natural current is direct current (DC) from its magnetic field. Man-made alternating current (AC) is a lower electromagnetic frequency used by man to generate electricity and all the associated electrical products, including all electronic communication systems and electrical appliances. Over billions of years man has gradually evolved without an environment of alternating current or an AC magnetic field, up until the modern age of the past 100 years or so. Add to this the broadcasting of radio signals and the phenomenon of visible light and we have electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is often called an electromagnetic field (EMF) when it falls within the lower frequencies. Both EMR and EMF are commonly used to mean the same thing. Paul Brodeur, the author of "Currents of Death", a book about EMF and a series of famous articles on EMF for the New Yorker Magazine has raised concerns about the biological effects of constant human exposure to electromagnetic fields and the highly stressful environment it has created.

In homes, the immediate sources of EMF include electric blankets, electric water bed heaters, hairdryers, electric shavers, television sets, stereo systems, air conditioners, fluorescent lights, electric can openers, telephone answering machines, cell and portable phones, refrigerators, blenders, portable heaters, clothes washers and dryers, coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, and microwave ovens. Electromagnetic fields are not only produced by electricity moving through wires or machines, but all television and satellite transmissions, as well as radio and microwave communication systems, including cell phones transmit it. Automobiles, trucks, airplanes, electrical and magnetic trains and subway systems are also significant sources of EMF.

Electromagnetic pollution is all around us all the time and concerns about electromagnetic fields and health needs to be brought more to the public's awareness. The complete effect of multiple electromagnetic fields on human physiology is not totally comprehended. It may not be known for a long time into the future, but It is however well-known that low-frequency magnetic fields can trigger major biochemical responses effecting the complex electrochemical processes necessary for the human cells to function.

There is a considerable amount of persuasive evidence that man-made AC fields interact with or stress human cells to the point of having adverse reactions. Please visit bioinitiative to download a 610 page report concerning electromagnetic fields and health. There is a small fee connected with this download. There are very detailed and time-consuming changes which can be made to your surrounding environment. There are also some more simple methods to make many beneficial changes to gain protection from electromagnetic fields and health.