Nature And Health: Natural Cat Health and Why it is the Best Deal For Your Cat

Natural Cat Health and Why it is the Best Deal For Your Cat

Natural cat health and all that accompanies it, is undeniably the best way to keep your cat disease-free as well as to giving her the longest life possible. Many people have relinquished their inner wisdom in favour of the clamouring of good advertising. This has lead to a serious decline in cat health worldwide. How can you recapture this wisdom to give your cat better health?

Advertising is all about profit, rather than truth. Although there are some legal requirements, if you know what you're doing, it isn't difficult to get around this. This means that the diet you feed your cat may not be as good as the claims. And, in all probability, is the cause of the problems your cat is experiencing.

Veterinarians go through colleges that are funded to a large degree by the lucrative pet food industry. This means they are not impartial. It also means that they will rarely suspect the diet (often one they sell you) as the cause of ill health. Holistic veterinarians, on the other hand, are more open minded and rarely exclude this vital area as a possible cause.

Diet is critical to the health of anyone and the commercial cat food fed to the majority of cats is as far from the natural diet their ancestors evolved on, as you can get.

A change of diet in humans, to a more natural one, has been documented as being the only change that lead to a total cure in serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer. It makes sense that the same can, and does, happen with animals. In fact, it is even more obvious with animals, because their diet has to comply with even fewer enforceable standards than food for humans do.

It is a sad fact that many vets actually discourage a natural diet in cats. However if you don't try it, you will never know how it can resolve major illnesses. How can a commercial cat food, with all the questionable ingredients and processes, be more healthy than a natural one. Does that really make logical sense to you?

If it does, try this one. Do you consider processed and fast food to be more healthy for you than one rich in fresh produce? Commercial cat food is, in the majority of cases, equivalent to human processed and fast food, but probably a lot worse.