Nature And Health: Green Tea and Health Advantages For Our Aging Population

Green Tea and Health Advantages For Our Aging Population

Green tea and health advantages for our aging population is certainly food for thought. As an aging society we know that health challenges come with this process. Taking responsibility for your own health rather than relying on synthetic prescription medication that can cause a multitude of side effects will improve your quality of life. To learn more about green tea and health advantages, please read on.

It is well known that 75% of all diseases are diet related but did you know that by putting the right nutrients into your body, it will heal itself? Getting the right nutrients from our daily diet is becoming more and more difficult as we struggle with chemicals, pollution and poor quality soils.

The Chinese people have known about the wonderful green tea and health advantages for centuries. Fortunately, those of us in the western world are now starting to catch up on this. Traditionally, the Chinese have drank this tea for a huge variety of ailments including anti aging, longevity and increased energy.

Other advantages include it`s antibacterial properties which prevent the formation of dental plaque, therefore leading to fewer dental cavities. Due to the antibacterial properties, the risk of food poisoning is also reduced.

Another advantage,is that it lowers cholesterol levels which leads to reduced risk of heart attack. It also destroys cancer cells in certain types of tumors. Headaches and depression are also on the list.

Scientists have validated the claims made by the Chinese who all drink the tea. It is also interesting to note that although a high proportion of Chinese people are smokers, they have fewer heart attacks.

It is thought that green tea and health advantages occur due to the high antioxidant activity that this beverage contains. The powerful antioxidant thought to be responsible is known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

To get the benefits from this drink, it is necessary to drink up to 10 cups per day. One of the potential side effects of this is the caffeine content which some of us cannot tolerate. Why not do as I do and take this incredible health booster as a supplement.

In fact if you are already taking a few supplements, why not consider an all in one? One that I like contains decaffeinated green tea extract, along with a powerful combination of professionally formulated natural nutrients that enhance one another. That's right, everything you need for quality health is available in one supplement. Too easy!