Nature And Health: Green Tea and Health Benefits - Know How to Get the Immense Power of This Wonderful Herb

Green Tea and Health Benefits - Know How to Get the Immense Power of This Wonderful Herb

Who doesn't want to be healthy? And especially today when it is as simple as taking natural medicinal herbs like green tea. If you do not know about green tea and health benefits yet, read on.

The association between green tea and health benefits is ages old. Centuries ago, when there were no pharmaceutical and chemical drugs, early Chinese and Japanese people heavily depended on this tea. It proved to be a wonderful medicinal herb which could take care of various ailments.

Green Tea and Health Benefits

1. This tea protects the body against free radical damage and hence slows down the process of aging.

2. It reduces the level of cholesterol in our body and hence prevents heart disorders.

3. It protects the body from various harmful effects of alcohol, viral hepatitis and liver tumors and hence prevents liver diseases.

4. It efficiently regulates the level of sugar in the blood and thus controls diabetes.

5. It has anti cancer properties which kill free radicals and reduce certain cancer types.

In general, it aids in stomach ailments, digestive disorders, headaches and depression too.

Amazing, isn't it? So where does this tea come from?

It comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. The leaves of this plant undergo a steaming process which is essentially done to retain the antioxidants which are otherwise lost in usual processes like fermentation.

This tea is then processed and is made available in different forms like dried tea leaves, tea bags, capsules and tea extract too.

However, whatever form you choose, nothing is more effective than a natural supplement prepared from this tea. This is so because a good supplement comes with an enteric coating around.

This coating prevents the dissolution of the supplement when it is exposed to the acids present in the stomach. As a result, all the nutrients are well retained till the time it reaches the small intestine. Now, when it is absorbed, it allows the body to receive the full effects of this miraculous tea.

Moreover, even though the relation between green tea and health benefits is pretty strong, it is an accepted fact that it alone is not sufficient to guard you against all types of ailments. It works best when it is combined with the strength and power of other like natural ingredients.