Nature And Health: Discover the Secrets to Natural Cat Health

Discover the Secrets to Natural Cat Health

The secrets to natural cat health lies in two essential areas - their diet and their health care. If one of these areas are not fully addressed, then your cat's health is likely to suffer.

First lets look at a natural diet. A wild cat, ancestors of your domestic cat, evolved over millions of years on a diet of freshly killed prey animals similar in size to them. They ate the whole carcass, including all the meat, the organs, the bones, the stomach contents, sometimes the feet, tail and head, too, if hungry enough.

Despite your possibly differing views, you can't get any more natural than this. This should be the basis of your cats diet - quality raw meat, organ meat, bones and perhaps a little plant matter.

By virtue of its daily consumption, the right cat food is of supreme importance in your cat's natural good health.

In contrast, the commercial and processed cat food that is sold so widely, is cooked (so destroying and altering much of the nutrients), comes from dubious sources (such as road kill, euthanased animals, rejects from slaughter houses), lacks a natural balance (usually high in fat and cheap filler) and has added toxic chemicals (preservatives, colour, appetite stimulants, synthetic nutrients).

The second most important aspect of natural cat health is the health care modality you use. Natural health care works by gently stimulating the immune system to work how it was meant to work. It has the ability to remove the blockages that prevent the immune system working. It works in accordance with natural laws.

Homeopathy is one of the most effective and deep acting natural health care modalities there is. You can learn to use some of the most common home prescribing medicines at home. And you can use the skill of professional homeopaths for those stubborn and deep seated conditions that are beyond the scope of a home prescriber.

In contract, veterinary drugs and vaccines mostly suppress the immunity of your cat, going against natural laws.