Nature And Health: Exploring The Health Benefits Of Natural And Organic Food

Exploring The Health Benefits Of Natural And Organic Food

One look to the grocery store shelves will tell the story of a society in search of the newest food that will take the weight off, increase energy, and maximize health. It seems that every year we are bombarded with a new health craze that guarantees us speedy results along an easy path. But, as many of us have come to realize the hard way, it remains the greatest truth of all that eating a balanced, healthy diet is the only way to achieve authentic health. It seems fitting therefore, that now, more than ever, we are discovering the health benefits of natural and organic food.

Doctors have long advised that diet - more than anything - plays the largest role in our health and longevity. In accordance, there has been a gradual shift from food products high in saturated fat, preservatives, and sugar to whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein. But taking this a step forward is the shift to natural and organic food - that food that is grown and raised without the addition of chemicals, hormones, and pesticides. Many think that because they are eating fresh fruit and vegetables they are making the healthiest choice. But if these fruits and vegetables have been chemically altered then you are now exposing yourself to a bevy of alien substances. While these chemicals are used quite regularly in traditional farming practices, they have not been studied thoroughly enough to know of their long lasting impact on the human body. Therefore, a switch to natural and organic food seems to be the wisest choice for our health.

Also falling under the definition of natural and organic food is organic meat and dairy. Livestock that is raised within organic guidelines are given only organic feed and are not subjected to any chemicals or hormones. Further, dairy cows that are traditionally given hormones to speed growth and increase milk production are chemical-free under natural and organic food guidelines.

The commitment to eating only natural and organic food minimizes your body's exposure to chemicals and shows an even greater commitment to the environment as we show our support to farmers who don't contaminate the earth with chemical cocktails.